Mar & Montjuic Reservations


Our chef has sought the best suppliers from across the peninsula; locally sourced and without intermediaries.

From La Boqueria market in the centre of Barcelona, we obtain the best mushrooms and seasonal vegetable, bought from the iconic Petras…



Martinez is located in the mountains of Montjuic; with a unique view of the port, the city and the sea. The restaurant is an oasis… to relax, share and enjoy.

The kitchen prioritises the coast above all else; traditional dishes flow with the rhythm of the waves, from the Delicious Socarrat rice, to a steak, to the Quebracho charcoal grill. (See more)


Martinez offers unique and versatile spaces. 

We can be elegant, formal, modern, classic… or discreet.


Give your loved ones the gift of Martinez with our Gift Voucher..

You can gift a la carte (we advise you to give away around €150), with which your guests could enjoy in the day or night.