Martinez is located in the mountains of Montjuic; with a unique view of the port, the city and the sea. The restaurant is an oasis… to relax, share and enjoy.

The kitchen prioritises the coast above all else; traditional dishes flow with the rhythm of the waves, from the Delicious Socarrat rice, to a steak, to the Quebracho charcoal grill.

It’s a beautiful winter hideaway, and a sunny, open space in the summer. Here you will find a modest kitchen, dressed by the views of the sea and the mountains.

Our menu and our daily suggestions will allow you to be picky and choose a light dinner or a meal of abundant dishes. 

Our customers have created a meeting place, and a place also where they hide.


Outer Space closed in case of rain, fully air-conditioned. It’s the most flexible zone, melting into the surrounding landscape. For celebrations, big events, or company cocktails. Audio-visual capabilities. Direct entry.


Covered space in case of rain. It is the jewel of the Martinez, direct views of the city and the sea. For intimate celebrations, formal, presentations and company events. Comfortable and adapted to any requirement. Entrance from the main door. 


Interior space. It is the sea-view area for groups between 14 and 40 people. Comfortable and adapted to any type of event: Formal, family celebration, company events, audio-visual capabilities. Entrance from the front door.